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(Most of) Maia Szalavitz’s 10 steps to transform addiction treatment

For years, Maia Szalavitz has been making insightful, practical, and evidence-based contributions to the struggle against “the War on Drugs” and the harmful policies that emerge from it. With her permission, and the permission of editor Will Godfrey, I’m posting passages from an article she published in Filter, a magazine covering drug use, drug policy […] (Read the rest.)

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Addicted to rehab

I want to thank people for their very encouraging comments and suggestions following my last post. They have really inspired me. So…I’m going to keep the blog going for a while, and I’m going to enjoy it. Now here’s that guest post I promised you–   …by Michael A… After going through 28 rehabs within […] (Read the rest.)

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Medicare and Addiction

Sorry I haven’t written much lately. My family and I just moved from the Netherlands back to Toronto for six months. Busy summer! But here’s a guest post that may be especially valuable for those of us who keep on keeping on. …by Danielle Kunkle… As a Medicare insurance broker, I’ve seen everything under the […] (Read the rest.)

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Addiction, co-occurring conditions, and Humanity 101

If you’re a regular on this blog, you probably know that Peter Sheath and Matt Robert have enough knowledge, compassion, and common sense about addiction and recovery to lead us to a far far better world. I’ve grabbed these gems from their comments to a recent post. If you’ve already read them in context, well […] (Read the rest.)

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The gifts of time: Understanding and growth beyond addiction

…by Hildur Jónsdóttir… I have a problem with the term recovery. For many of us recovery implies that there once was a wholeness that was shattered through addiction, a wholeness that we need to recover, find again. I have toyed with the word restoration, but likewise, often there is little to restore. For many of […] (Read the rest.)

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