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Part 2. Drug users aren’t the bad guys: Opioids treat emotional pain too

Point of clarification: I didn’t mean to imply that people who take opioids for reasons other than physical pain are to blame for the opioid “crisis” or the overdose epidemic. Let me retrace my steps. I recently pasted and posted my article, published in The Guardian, arguing that opiates prescribed for people in pain are […] (Read the rest.)

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Untangling the confusion between the “opioid crisis” and the overdose epidemic

Hi all. I haven’t been blogging for a while, partly because I wasn’t sure I had anything new to say. But the “opioid crisis” is obviously on everyone’s mind. So, I wanted to get the facts straight, and I pitched an article to The Guardian, published yesterday, based on what I found. The response has […] (Read the rest.)

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Google is restricting ads for rehab: Hooray!!

Here’s a link to a NYT article that touches on a particularly distressing issue. I have often felt disgusted that drug rehab and treatment centers rely on misleading advertising (fake news?) to make huge profits off desperate people. And then send them back to an isolated existence without the tools they need to maintain some […] (Read the rest.)

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What the overdose epidemic teaches us about our deepest needs…

…and how modern society fails to meet them. Hi everyone. I hope your summer is going smoothly, safe from insects, droughts, forest fires, and other human-assisted calamities. I’m on vacation in France now, after a harrowing trip giving talks, first in Victoria, Canada, and then in Melbourne and Brisbane. Harrowing because I flew across 16 […] (Read the rest.)

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“Recovery”: Mark of shame or triumph?

…by April Wilson Smith… I used to hate the word “recovery.” To me, it was a mark of shame, stating that I was permanently damaged and different from “normies,” as they call people without substance use problems in AA. Recovery signified a lifetime of isolation, avoiding social events and going to dull nightly meetings where […] (Read the rest.)

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