Marc Lewis
Marc Lewis knows the power of addiction. His relationship with drugs took many forms over many years and accompanied him around the world. It was a story that seemed unlikely to have a happy ending.

It began in a New England boarding school where, bullied and homesick for Canada, he made brief escapes from reality by way of cough medicine and alcohol. Then a move to California in its hippie heyday brought him face to face with LSD, and finally heroin. In Asia he joined American medics sniffing nitrous oxide in the Malay jungle and found a second home in the opium dens of Calcutta.

Back in Canada as a student, he resorted to stealing drugs from labs and medical centres. He then got clean for a while, but ended up working in a mental hospital, where he fled the madness around and within him through a desperate return to drugs.

He also returned to crime, which led finally to his arrest and conviction and what seemed like the end of his ambition to become a psychologist.

This extraordinary memoir recounts an odyssey of drug addiction and eventual healing from a unique perspective. Against all the odds, Marc Lewis recovered to become, first a professor of developmental psychology, and then a researcher in neuroscience, his field for the last 12 years.