When healing trumps abstinence

The sign on the door of the Insite supervised injection site was gone again. Russ wasn’t surprised. He said it happened all the time, so we continued our tour outside. We walked down a couple of blocks inhabited by the most dessicated, fragile, and helpless humans I’d ever seen except maybe in India. They looked […] (Read the rest.)

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On the road

Hello, my lovely blogites. It seems you are among the few recognizable lifeforms left on my computer — my computer whom I now love, hate, and mostly mourn. I had the most terrible “accident” — or maybe it was an act of God — the sort of biblical God who goes around punishing people for […] (Read the rest.)

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Announce your place in the family of things

Isabel and I want to share this with you. We hear a lot of former and recovering addicts describe the grim and lonely hours waiting for them on the far side of their addiction. The loneliness and bleakness are real, but that’s not the end. It’s a stage in a transformation that can be breathtaking. […] (Read the rest.)

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Disease, learning, and anonymity

…by Matt Robert… Consider what you believe about the causes of addiction. Now consider what you think about the importance of anonymity in recovery communities. Is there a relationship?   Yes, at least historically. In the very early days of AA, most people viewed addiction as a moral failing or a character defect. There was […] (Read the rest.)

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I’m not against AA

I was overjoyed to see that Salon.com published a large excerpt from the first chapter of my book. (The headline may still be on the front page!) Until I saw the title: Addiction is Not a Disease. Good so far… Then: How AA and 12-step programs erect barriers while attempting to relieve suffering. Not so […] (Read the rest.)

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