A new look: merging approaches to addiction

Hello people. I’m writing this using a voice recognition app — and then editing the result. Which is pretty strange after all these years using my fingertips. I had a torn tendon in my shoulder repaired last week, and for the next 5 weeks I will have to keep my right arm in a sling. […] (Read the rest.)

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Alright then, addiction is like a Necker Cube

If you weren’t completely sold on the bicycle analogy. Try this one. The point is the same, and it’s not complicated: addiction is a mental habit, it grows, stabilizes, and gets difficult to reverse. But it’s not permanent. It can be reversed — with practice. Unfortunately, the good habits that replace it may not be […] (Read the rest.)

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Addiction is like riding a bike

This video was sent to me by Shaun Shelly, a frequent contributor to this blog. It conveys how a well-practiced “mind set” can end up being so much more than a momentary wrong turn. It can be an inescapable ride on a vehicle that’s about to crash. And it can have a vast nonverbal dimension […] (Read the rest.)

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Be here…when?

…by Matt Robert, with Marc Lewis… In this guest post, Matt, a regular contributor to this blog, takes a close look at the paradox of being in the moment. Is that a good thing — as meditation teachers counsel us? Or is it a sink-hole in time — a stagnant swamp where addiction can take […] (Read the rest.)

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Two yous — a disconnect in mind and brain

When I said I wanted to move further into the psychology of addiction, I didn’t mean I was about to forget the brain. The subtleties of your thoughts and the cellular activities of your brain might seem like different planets, impossible to gaze at simultaneously. Yet both are going on at exactly the same time […] (Read the rest.)

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