Refocusing – The role of distraction and substitution in recovery

This is an extremely relevant and useful guest post. I have come across many different formulas for a step-wise approach to recovery, but this is the most coherent and sensible one I’ve seen. The middle step is often our downfall, and Fred helps clarify the problem. …by Fred… In a recent post, Marc fleshed out […] (Read the rest.)

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Power and responsibility in all the wrong places

This guest post is by Peter Sheath, another good friend, who, like Matt, I’ve only met in the flesh for a few hours. Peter knows a great deal about addiction and rehab. Here’s what he’s got to say about power and powerlessness…   I have been student of addiction for many years. Much of it […] (Read the rest.)

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From mindless mess to mindfulness: Meditation practice in recovery

This guest post by friend, colleague, and contributor, Matt Robert has a five-star rating. Check it out….. A meditation “practice” isn’t called a practice just because it’s something you’re supposed to do every day, like brush your teeth. It’s practice for a performance, like that of a concert pianist or a pro basketball player. What’s […] (Read the rest.)

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The future made manifest

I am finally finished the tapering period, finished getting off the oxycodone I was on pre- and post-surgery. It took about four weeks to go from 100 mg/day to zero. Nice and gradual, and I suffered nothing worse than a runny nose, some diarrhea, some insomnia, and a few twitches. Oh, and that sense of […] (Read the rest.)

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How to make the future better than the present

Hello! I recently heard a talk about something called intertemporal choice, which is a fancy label for delay discounting, which is a fancy label for people’s tendency to value immediate rewards over long-term gains, even though the latter are objectively more valuable. Here’s a simple description from the first few lines of a scientific article: […] (Read the rest.)

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