The great debate?

Hi again. It’s me this time. No guests. I want to tell you about the debate I just had with a high priest of the Disease Church. Not the bishop, Nora Volkow. But her second in command, George Koob. Those of us who oppose the disease label have been trying to organize a real debate […] (Read the rest.)

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Response to the heroin epidemic: 5. The argument for decriminalization

…by Gina Murillo (comments by “Gina”)…   So much of what we’re trying to hash out about drug courts here wouldn’t be an issue but for poor drug policy (the War on Drugs — as discussed in the comment section following the last post). The War on Drugs causes far more harm than good. I agree […] (Read the rest.)

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Response to the heroin epidemic: 4. Tough love from drug court

…by Judge Allison Krehbiel with Marc Lewis… I (Marc) was in Minnesota last fall, invited to speak at a conference on addiction to a large university audience. I met many fascinating people during my visit, but the most memorable moment was an unexpected tour of the trenches where the War on Drugs is still being […] (Read the rest.)

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Response to the heroin epidemic: 3. OST, the economics of diversion, and the dangers of naltrexone

…by Shaun Shelly… Percy Menzies’ post has stirred up a lot of controversy! Here, Shaun’s extensive rebuttal gathers some of these arguments, plus many of his own, and launches them in torpedo-like fashion. Shaun’s command of the research landscape is awesome, but let’s take care to keep a balanced perspective. ………………………………… In the previous post […] (Read the rest.)

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Response to the heroin epidemic: 2. Addiction, access, and the problem of opioid substitution

…by Percy Menzies… I met Percy, a treatment provider and policy person, in Minnesota about six months ago. We have had some spirited discussions since then. In his view, the culprit in the opiate crisis is access — drug availability — a position that’s put him in direct opposition to Johann Hari and others who […] (Read the rest.)

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