Feeling guilty! And desirous…

Hi all. This is ridiculous. I’ve been back from South America for a month and have not yet returned to blogging. I haven’t even responded to many of the comments and sweet sentiments following the last post. Though I have skimmed through most of the dialogue and debate — with interest. I have so much […] (Read the rest.)

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New book, old blog, coming soon…

Hi you people! I haven’t forgotten about you. In fact I really miss you. This blog community has been like a second family to me, and I’ve gotten a lot of warmth and a lot of learning from communicating with you. As I mentioned last summer, I’ve moved to L.A. with my family — temporarily. […] (Read the rest.)

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Robin: I think we get it

Now that the shock of it has passed, I’m left with a fog of sadness and anxiety, a sense of things being wrong in the world — more wrong than usual. Everyone loved Robin Williams. He gave so much of himself in his films and on-stage that we felt we knew him intimately. He was […] (Read the rest.)

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Gone fishin

Well not literally. I don’t even like fishing. It’s boring and I hate eviscerating worms. But I am sort of entering holiday mode, and that’s why you haven’t heard from me for awhile. Judging by page-view statistics, many of you are in vacation mode as well. I HOPE you are having fun. We drove for 12 […] (Read the rest.)

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Refocusing – The role of distraction and substitution in recovery

This is an extremely relevant and useful guest post. I have come across many different formulas for a step-wise approach to recovery, but this is the most coherent and sensible one I’ve seen. The middle step is often our downfall, and Fred helps clarify the problem. …by Fred… In a recent post, Marc fleshed out […] (Read the rest.)

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