Revisiting addiction…and the sticky synapses you’re up against

My recovery is going well. The pain is nearly gone, so all I have to do right now, besides a fair bit of physio, is get off the damn painkillers. The post-op pain was bad for about two weeks, so, given the tolerance I’d already built up before the surgery, my dose of oxycodone was […] (Read the rest.)

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A do-it-yourself kit for self-programming

You know, there’s this little device invented to help organize people’s pill popping. It’s a plastic oblong container divided into seven units, one labelled for each day of the week. A certain number of each kind of pill goes in each compartment, according to a preordained plan, of course. It looks like this. At least […] (Read the rest.)

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Readdicted — who me?

Hi all. The reason you haven’t heard from me for a few weeks is because I finally had that surgery I’ve been waiting for. Cervical spine surgery, bone growing where it’s not supposed to, I’ll spare you the details. But what I’ll tell you about is my revisiting the land of addiction. This happened to […] (Read the rest.)

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Addicted to addiction memoirs

Hello all. I have to admit I’m becoming addicted (again!) — this time to addiction memoirs. I’ve read four in the last four months, all written by alcoholics: Drinking: A Love Story — Caroline Knapp. Drunk Mom — Jowita Bydlowska. Drunkard: A Hard-Drinking Life — Neil Steinberg. The Couch of Willingness — Michael Pond & […] (Read the rest.)

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Falling down — the hazards of a lazy brain

Here’s most of an email I recently received:   > Subject: why does the addiction resurface when we least expect? > Marc, > > I really enjoyed your memoir. In so many ways I feel I can relate…. > > So… Here’s my question… > > Why, after being sober for 7-months, did my craving […] (Read the rest.)

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