What’s wrong with treating the “disease” of addiction?

So I got the manuscript back from my main editor (who works for the publisher), and to my horror the right margin was swarming with little purple boxes containing suggested revisions. This was only for Chapter 9, mind you. Everything else was pristine by now. Still, I really thought there would be little left to […] (Read the rest.)

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Happy New Year! Coming up: Book of the year

Hi my lovelies! I want to wish you a very very good and in fact wonderfully happy and even exemplary new year! We flew into Amsterdam this morning. No sleep last night. The scary thing, after trying to bid the van-taxi driver down below his 200-euro fixation, was cruising along the freeway, wife and kids […] (Read the rest.)

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Fitting the learning curve to real-life addiction

So here’s the resolution that occurred to me. The problem was that the learning curve that describes addiction onset is often unusually steep — what I’ve called accelerated learning. But the biographies I include in the book, and other tales of addiction sent my way, sometimes show a gradual onset — a period of coasting […] (Read the rest.)

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Addiction is deep learning, not necessarily accelerated learning

Two posts ago I sent you a few paragraphs from the introduction to my new book. In that draft I said: This book makes the case that addiction results from the motivated repetition of certain thoughts and behaviors until they become self-perpetuating habits. Thus, addiction develops, and it can develop quickly, through a process I […] (Read the rest.)

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Feeling guilty! And desirous…

Hi all. This is ridiculous. I’ve been back from South America for a month and have not yet returned to blogging. I haven’t even responded to many of the comments and sweet sentiments following the last post. Though I have skimmed through most of the dialogue and debate — with interest. I have so much […] (Read the rest.)

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