From mindless mess to mindfulness: Meditation practice in recovery

This guest post by friend, colleague, and contributor, Matt Robert has a five-star rating. Check it out….. A meditation “practice” isn’t called a practice just because it’s something you’re supposed to do every day, like brush your teeth. It’s practice for a performance, like that of a concert pianist or a pro basketball player. What’s […] (Read the rest.)

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The future made manifest

I am finally finished the tapering period, finished getting off the oxycodone I was on pre- and post-surgery. It took about four weeks to go from 100 mg/day to zero. Nice and gradual, and I suffered nothing worse than a runny nose, some diarrhea, some insomnia, and a few twitches. Oh, and that sense of […] (Read the rest.)

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How to make the future better than the present

Hello! I recently heard a talk about something called intertemporal choice, which is a fancy label for delay discounting, which is a fancy label for people’s tendency to value immediate rewards over long-term gains, even though the latter are objectively more valuable. Here’s a simple description from the first few lines of a scientific article: […] (Read the rest.)

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Revisiting addiction…and the sticky synapses you’re up against

My recovery is going well. The pain is nearly gone, so all I have to do right now, besides a fair bit of physio, is get off the damn painkillers. The post-op pain was bad for about two weeks, so, given the tolerance I’d already built up before the surgery, my dose of oxycodone was […] (Read the rest.)

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A do-it-yourself kit for self-programming

You know, there’s this little device invented to help organize people’s pill popping. It’s a plastic oblong container divided into seven units, one labelled for each day of the week. A certain number of each kind of pill goes in each compartment, according to a preordained plan, of course. It looks like this. At least […] (Read the rest.)

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