Response to the heroin epidemic: 4. Tough love from drug court

…by Judge Allison Krehbiel with Marc Lewis… I (Marc) was in Minnesota last fall, invited to speak at a conference on addiction to a large university audience. I met many fascinating people during my visit, but the most memorable moment was an unexpected tour of the trenches where the War on Drugs is still being […] (Read the rest.)

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Response to the heroin epidemic: 3. OST, the economics of diversion, and the dangers of naltrexone

…by Shaun Shelly… Percy Menzies’ post has stirred up a lot of controversy! Here, Shaun’s extensive rebuttal gathers some of these arguments, plus many of his own, and launches them in torpedo-like fashion. Shaun’s command of the research landscape is awesome, but let’s take care to keep a balanced perspective. ………………………………… In the previous post […] (Read the rest.)

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Response to the heroin epidemic: 2. Addiction, access, and the problem of opioid substitution

…by Percy Menzies… I met Percy, a treatment provider and policy person, in Minnesota about six months ago. We have had some spirited discussions since then. In his view, the culprit in the opiate crisis is access — drug availability — a position that’s put him in direct opposition to Johann Hari and others who […] (Read the rest.)

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Strong support for opiate substitution treatment…and fixing the bigger picture

…by Shaun Shelly… I just pulled into a lodge in Banff, Canada at 2 AM (roughly noon for me) after a flight delay and missed shuttle. I’m way too tired to introduce this intelligently. All I can say is that I have huge respect for Shaun’s understanding of what goes on in opiate addiction, both […] (Read the rest.)

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Response to the heroin epidemic: 1. Methadone and harm reduction

The heroin “epidemic” is a major concern all over the world right now. What are the various philosophies for dealing with it? In today’s post I’ll share some impressions from my recent visit to a harm reduction/methadone clinic in Belgium. Then I’ll post a piece by Percy Menzes who is dedicated to the use of […] (Read the rest.)

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