So much harm…

A LOT of you replied to my brief ramblings on Harm Reduction. Some of you see it as almost poisonous — a kind of quicksand making it more difficult to quit using. Others see it as a valuable perspective for helping people “where they are,” without imposing conditions or restrictions. Some of you see it […] (Read the rest.)

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Hello again! Shorter posts = harm reduction

Hi you guys!!!!! Okay, I give up. I was seriously considering ending the blog, at least for a while. It’s time consuming! Especially trying to reply to your thoughtful and heart-felt comments. (I know I don’t have to, but I usually just feel like it.) I have two courses to teach in the next four […] (Read the rest.)

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Stalking the disease model: One last tirade for 2013

Over the last year, I’ve explored the terrain between meaning and dogma, choice and compulsion, I’ve taken you with me to Dharamsala, found surprising convergences between Buddhist philosophy and dopamine metabolism, pondered the application of mindfulness to treatment. But the theme I seem to land on most is the search for an alternative to the […] (Read the rest.)

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Nora Volkow, the disease model, and moi

Hi people. It’s been awhile. I left off with some brief descriptions of the Dialogue and summaries/links for two great talks. Now I want to tell you something about Nora Volkow’s presentation and, more interestingly, the chat we had afterward. I have been running to keep up with myself for at least a month, and […] (Read the rest.)

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Talking to the Dalai Lama about addiction

I got back yesterday around noon. What a relief it was to be home! India is overwhelming in so many ways, with poverty and raw need topping the list. To get back to this calm, orderly place was a reprieve and a pleasure, tinged with guilt at leaving all that suffering behind. For anyone just […] (Read the rest.)

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