New year’s greetings

Hello my lovelys! I’ve been thinking of you. Actually I thought of you mostly last night, New Year’s Eve, when my own addictive tendencies and my self-concept as someone who can drink alcohol safely (and socially) growled at each other for a little while. I feel grateful that I’m no longer at the cliff edge […] (Read the rest.)

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Triggers and Tethers

…by Matt Robert… This will be our last post of the season. Not only is it smart and sensitive but it’s also warm hearted and optimistic. An ideal note to end on — until January. In the meantime, I wish you all an incredibly happy or at least reasonably happy holiday, however you define “holiday” […] (Read the rest.)

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Relapse as defiance: Just say yes?

Since well before the War on Drugs, we’ve been taught to “just say no.” Today we know the pitfalls of pure prohibition and denial. We know the value of “just saying yes” to sobriety instead. Still, especially during the period of craving that follows quitting, we do have to say No to ourselves. Perhaps many […] (Read the rest.)

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Incubation of craving: The fast road to relapse

I recently came across a paper in Addiction Biology called “Recent updates on incubation of drug craving: a mini-review.” The studies summarized here show that drug craving increases progressively for weeks after we stop using. And by “we” I mean rats, mice, and humans, all experimental subjects in this review. Since many of my readers […] (Read the rest.)

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A couple of Q&As and a challenging essay on addiction and the brain

Here’s a brief Q&A hosted by a website called 52 Insights. It’s quite a spiffy site, with interesting authors and speakers presenting their views on popular culture, science, politics, and so forth. My piece is about my personal history, my book, habit versus willpower, and a bit about the War on Drugs. Here’s a longer […] (Read the rest.)

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