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Demerol Man: I should have stuck with Shrooms!

My inquisitive mind recently got me into big trouble at work.  After “self reporting” my use I was forced into a five week inpatient treatment center 5,000 miles from my home! I am now doing “follow up” monitoring for two years as part of a contract I had sign with my professional licensing College in […] (Read the rest.)

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“Addict” is a Loaded Word

I am no poster child for addiction, and I have found a great sense of relief in reading these accounts of recovery that mirror some of my own experiences. The loudest voices in addiction memoirs and pop-culture usually follow a similar path; abusive childhood, terrible addiction, 12-step recovery, and permanent sobriety from all drugs and […] (Read the rest.)

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A Life in Black and White

By JLK….    I grew up in Seattle, and in the first 11 years of my life I was an overachiever. I was a good athlete, got good grades, and most important of all, I was a kid with the self-confidence to never back down from a fight. Seattle in the 1950’s was a nest […] (Read the rest.)

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Something Snapped

Most folks would think that bottom would be breaking into a good friend’s house, a good friend dying of cancer, to steal her morphine.  I mean, I didn’t exactly break in.  She always left the door unlocked, and nobody was supposed to be there.  And anyway, I wasn’t going to steal all the morhine.  Just […] (Read the rest.)

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En Xoxocotlan, Sí

By Almendra…. My passage through drug addiction has a twist that has surprised all my shrinks and therapists, though perhaps some of you are aware of this “recipe.” I took poppy pods (the larger the better — golf ball-size is good, tennis ball even better) and I ground them up into a rough mess and steeped […] (Read the rest.)

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