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An alternative to abstinence: Craving, care, and harm reduction

At the heart of the discussion about addiction and recovery lies a trilogy of questions: whether abstinence is necessary or even helpful, what “harm reduction” offers in its place, and what is the best way to deal with cravings. These questions are intertwined. In fact they merge into a single issue. Today I want to […] (Read the rest.)

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Post-addiction Buddhist blues (and how to soothe them) in the era of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic reminds us not only of the proximity of death (and other fun stuff) but of the contradictions we face throughout our lives. Some of which seem truly unsolvable. Here’s one that’s had me chasing my tail for awhile: How should we address ourselves with compassion and love when in fact, according to […] (Read the rest.)

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Psychodynamic psychotherapy: Too much talk or a clear lens on addiction?

Last post I said I’d review schools of psychotherapy that promise to target addiction, and ACT and IFS were at the top of my list. I’ll get to these, but I thought I’d spread the net a bit wider. So I’m starting this series with a look at “psychodynamic” or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I think the […] (Read the rest.)

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Steering out of addiction: Practices that work

In my psychotherapy (and chats, consultations, etc) with people in addiction, I combine skills I’ve picked up over 35 years studying clinical psychology, developmental psychology, psychoanalysis, and neuroscience. But it’s not enough. I need retooling. I’ve developed some good intuitions about how to do psychotherapy…mostly by doing it, putting theory into practice. And I can […] (Read the rest.)

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Happy New Year: Drugs that can help

Happy New Year! I’m sure we’re all hoping that this year brings renewed optimism, through the creative, caring, and sensible use of all that’s available in this era of rapid change. In that spirit, I discuss my thoughts about “good drugs” and share my recent experience of DMT. My twin boys are now thirteen, so […] (Read the rest.)

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