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Cafe Heroin Sage

By Matthew O’Connell… Here’s a story about something that occurred the other day. It is one that I am still processing and trying to wrap my head around. It took place at the cafe I work at in a bad part of town. Unless, someone is in full blown addiction then it is awesome. A […] (Read the rest.)

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Relocation Doesn’t get you Far Enough Away

By Dustin John… At this time in my addiction, I was a 23-year-old divorcee who had gone through a nasty separation that ended in bankruptcy and a large sack full of bitterness. Married at 21 and divorced at 23, due to infidelity. This was something I couldn’t fathom. I always thought I’d done quite well […] (Read the rest.)

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Absolut relapse (NOT!)

By Donna G…    I guess I should say first that I’ve not had a drink of alcohol in 23 years.  I go to a secular meeting once a week because I am committed to the idea that secular alternatives should be available.  (Court mandated AA is blatantly unconstitutional, but that’s another discussion).  I feel […] (Read the rest.)

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Demerol Man: I should have stuck with Shrooms!

My inquisitive mind recently got me into big trouble at work.  After “self reporting” my use I was forced into a five week inpatient treatment center 5,000 miles from my home! I am now doing “follow up” monitoring for two years as part of a contract I had sign with my professional licensing College in […] (Read the rest.)

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“Addict” is a Loaded Word

I am no poster child for addiction, and I have found a great sense of relief in reading these accounts of recovery that mirror some of my own experiences. The loudest voices in addiction memoirs and pop-culture usually follow a similar path; abusive childhood, terrible addiction, 12-step recovery, and permanent sobriety from all drugs and […] (Read the rest.)

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